nuclear abortion


Where i live and find purpose for my life: at the altar of your Manhood. The touch, taste, and smell of you makes my head spin. You sustain me by your gracious gift! i live to worship and adore you. When i feel the muscles of your magnificent body tense and shudder, when i hear you groan and feel your cock spew it’s load into my stomach your seed becomes such a part of me that even though your cock is lodged in my throat i can smell and taste it. You overload my senses and i am once again made whole.

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Guys who I find SEXY and videos that excite

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Furry ginger sex god

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Sipping, swallowing, sucking     I’ve managed to get a video clip uploaded on XTube from the piss drinking session that produced the pic above.  We had fun with it.  Take a look please; follow the link below.


I want to put my cock in him

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